Trading to the World

Trading is a word that is sometimes used to describe the design, development and prototyping of products that are imported, but is also often used as another word for ‘freight forwarding’ or ‘logistics’.

Canarias Trading provides services for activities that encompass both definitions of the words ‘Trading’:

  • Import & Export assistance for factory due diligence, product design, development and prototyping
  • Importing & Exporting assistance for freight forwarding, tariff classification, Customs filing, and local delivery to our clients’ destinations

The first step toward a successful import program that involves product design, development and prototyping is finding a qualified, trustworthy, reliable, price competitive offshore supplier.

The second step of an import project for product development – after the client has accepted a prototype – is shipping the product from the offshore factory to the importer’s destination.

Summarizing the two types of importing and import assistance:

  • Factory due diligence and product development, from inception to prototyping
  • Procurement assistance and production management
  • Booking of cargo for ocean or air freight transport
  • Management of European Customs, US Customs, Homeland Security, Federal Government filings
  • Tracking of shipments
  • Local delivery to the client’s destination
  • Calculate the landed cost: the cost upon which the client bases his selling price
  • Canarias offers its clients a complete range of importing services, for both product / prototyping clients and for clients that need only freight forwarding and Customs services.